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Re: [ox-en] muddev

Hi Philipp!

3 months (91 days) ago oekonux wrote:
As references to relevant discussions elsewhere seem to be quite welcome on
this list I thought some might be interested in this thread on the MUDDev
mailinglist. It's a mailinglist for developers of Multiplayer Onlinegames.
Quite a few influential names in the field post there.
It all started quite innocently with a discussion about playergenerated
content in such games and ended up at topics like intellectual property,
p2p systems, free software and paradigm shifts.
I think this message makes a good starting point:

This link provided in the thread provided some interesting reading as well:

Let me know if stuff like this is ontopic ... I havent lurked for that long.

To me its is so much on-topic that I'd like to ask you whether you
have any useful link about something I'd call Free MUDs? I'd gladly
add it to the links provided in

There is an (old) link to the HalfLife community creating new content,
but I'd love to add more links from the gaming scene.

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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