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Re: [ox-en] GPL Society Manifesto?

Hi Graham,

On Friday 17 January 2003 11:14, Graham Seaman wrote:
Unfortunately, it was also made of more questions than
answers... And it was four different unfinished talks squashed
into one. I wouldn't be happy about publishing this, at least
not without a complete rewrite.

I was especially thinking about the part with the three ideas on 
how the transition into the GPL society could work.

But if you can mail me (or if it's possible to
download from opentheory) the whole of the meilenstein text as
translated so far, we could use it as a test case, and I'll
try to process it... :-)

I've prepared such file now, which I'm sending you in a PM.
The text still has has two large gaps (6+13 paragraphs) in 
chapter 3. Also, the footnotes are still missing entirely.

However, there is another problem which needs dealing with
first. The people we have with experience of publishing or
connections with the publishing industry (Alan and Johan),

Do we need regular publishers at all? I am thinking about a 
Debian-like publishing model: They just put CD images online, 
and maintain a list of companies that sell physical copies. The 
same thing could work for books...

AFAIK don't read German. Chris, who is also interested,
doesn't read German. etc. How do we make the initial selection
of which texts are good ones to translate? Milestones is
obvious, but after that?

"Linux is Free of Value" by Stefan Meretz :o)


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