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Re: [ox-en] GPL Society Manifesto?

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Benni Baermann wrote:

I think it's an excellent idea, and I would be very happy to work
like this. I found I don't much like working with the opentheory 
translation system though - the way you have to do small bits at
a time and then wait while each bit is submitted makes it hard
to keep up a flow, so that the style becomes jerky...

Maybe use a wiki? 
Personally I'd rather be translating on my own machine in an editor -
it's much faster than trying to do anything over the web.

At the conference we had a collection of texts in printed versions
avaiable. we can take this collection as a starting point for the
discussion. unfortunatly i dont remember which texts we have
printed... maybe anyone here has taken one piece of every text and can
post the titles? we can than write short summarys for every text in

I did wonder about this, but it seems a lot of work for pieces which may 
not be used in the end. It's a shame that everyone understood the request
for an 'abstract' of their talk to mean something different... I suppose
I can start on this by incorporating the existing short abstracts in my 



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