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Re: [ox-en] Book project

Russell McOrmond <russell> wrote:
  It may seem cumbersome to those 'already in the know', but in North
America the term 'Free' in 'Free Software' is misinterpreted so often that
saying Free/Libre and Open Source Software is much less cumbersome than
just saying 'Free Software'.

Fine, but in the interests of speaking the same language, you should note
that there is a research project in the EU called "FLOSS" at, and that people on this list are interested
more in the freedom aspects of Free Software than the purely technical
aspect of being able to read the source emphasised by OSI's "Open Source",
much less the many different definitions of "Open Source" put forwards by
various European national governments, NGOs and certain software companies.

Please, let's use the main term: Free Software.

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