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Re: [ox-en] [ot:ox-book] Zu Projekt 'ox-book'

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 alan wrote:

Autonomedia is the kind of publishing hose that is rather undertsnading
about these things! Should the book be done with us, that is. Not that
this discssion isn't interesting.....


Hi Alan,

Any chance you could take a more active role in all this? Specifically,
as you think there would be a market for such a (printed) book and
have some feel for what has done well in the past, what are your ideas
about what the content should be? 
(I know you don't have much time to put into this - but any ideas at all
would be good!).

Current state:

1. We'll use cvs to co-ordinate things to start with at least. Chris is
setting this up.

2. The first thing to go into cvs will be a list of available texts
(the one I originally posted, which has changed little since then apart
from adding a couple of (both) Stefans articles)

3. The only translation to English we have so far is Stefan Mn's 
'milestones', most of the work on which has been done by Thomas G, but 
which isn't quite complete.

Apart from that AFAIK there's nothing happening... I think some texts
need translating whatever happens, so maybe we could start with that.

a) Are there any bilingual people who can volunteer to do a translation
of one text? (please specify which you would like to do)
b) Are there any volunteers on the German-speaking side to do initial
translations into very rough english, for post-processing by someone
else? [So far: Thomas G., Milestones]
c) Are there any volunteers on the english-speaking side for 
post-processing  of roughly translated texts? [so far: me, Milestones]


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