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Re: [ox-en] [ot:ox-book] Zu Projekt 'ox-book'

On Wednesday 29 January 2003 11:56, Graham Seaman wrote:
3. The only translation to English we have so far is Stefan Mn's
'milestones', most of the work on which has been done by Thomas G, but
which isn't quite complete.

There's second one, partly translated, and this is my 
"free-of-value"-paper. Even if you don't like the open-theory based 
translation, Graham, others maybe do? Here's the link:

I my view, the step-by-step translation is useful for people with less 
time: just pick one paragraph, translate, save, that's it. Ok, the entire 
result is fairly rough and needs polishing.

b) Are there any volunteers on the German-speaking side to do initial
translations into very rough english, for post-processing by someone
else? [So far: Thomas G., Milestones]

With only little bits of time: me.

c) Are there any volunteers on the english-speaking side for
post-processing  of roughly translated texts? [so far: me, Milestones]

I like the parts Benja translated much, however, IMHO the whole paper 
needs post-processing when it is finished (especially parts translated by 


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