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Re: [ox-en] Re: Property, scarcity, selbstentfaltung

Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:
I think this is not true.
I think it's at least true for the current practice. But you're right
when looking at some extreme cases.

I'm not sure how you can say that.  As far as I can tell, no figures exist
for how much GPL'd private work is done.  I agree with your later assertion
that your statement is probably correct (or as near as damnit) for
publicly-published free software, but that's not quite what the oekonux text
said.  Maybe a little tweak makes it right, then?

AFAIK an Apple license forces you to return your modifications to the
public IIRC.

In most cases, yes.  That is why it is not a free software licence.  [Aside:
why do Germans speak USian?  What have you got against English English? ;-) ]

A more interesting example is the class of Free Software written on
base of a contract.

I think this is just a subclass of the "GPL sell-off" case.

In this case neither the copyright holder nor the licensee (i.e. the
customer) may be interested in making it publicly available. But then -
why bother putting it under the GPL in the first place? If later one of
both parties makes another decision the license is important again.

The main reason the commissioner of the work may want it under the GPL is to
avoid being tied to the one commissionee for all future derivative works.

The GPL does not "give up" or "abandon" property rights. [...]

Actually, I'm annoyed with myself for writing those words.  Interesting
point about creating some new analagous rights, though, so I guess I
shouldn't be too unhappy.

It merely tries to use them in a particular way, to try to encourage
progress in programming, like most copyright laws were intended to do for

That is the Open Source Initiative view on it. Saying it in Oekonux
words they say: Open Source is the best way to do it so this should be
the way it is done. Stallman has a different approach here. [...]

What do you see that approach as?  The above idea is taken more or less
directly from Stallman's speech "Copyright vs. Community in the Age of
Computer Networks" delivered at QMU London.  I think a similar talk was
given in Stuttgart.

OSI view?   Nasty insult ;-)

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