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Re: [ox-en] The Hipatia Manifesto

Quoting Stefan Merten <smerten>:

Since technology helps and encourages them, as the barriers to
prevent their free spread fall with the Internet, it is
necessary to invent legal barriers to create property and value
where it is not possible to establish them naturally.

On the German list some weeks ago Sabine stressed that all scarcity is
not naturally. Particularly today, where the productivity is as high
as never before this is true even for material goods. I'm sure at
least in the industrialized countries everyone could have a good
living if not money would prevent that.

There is a difference which is obscured by using the term scarcity.
All commodities require labour to produce or reproduce them. 
The labour required tends to be roughly proportional to the
market price of the commodities.

With information commodities however, the labour required to
produce them is significantly lower than their market prices
divided by the monetary equivalent of labour. The difference,
arises due to the goods selling above their value - a form of
absolute rent, to use an analogy with Marx's analysis of the
non-Ricardian form of ground rent.
Paul Cockshott

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