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[ox-en] Immeasurability of software

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'breakdown of law of value in software production' - debate

I guess this is the point where some thoughts in autonom marxism (Empire & co) has some real merit to it. Hardt & Negri suggest an immaterial labour productivity beyond meassure, the breakdown of labour value theory responding to the metamorphosis of capitalism as we knew it. Instead of a capitalism exploiting the proletariat by sucking out surplus value from them (forcing workers to toil for more hours than the worker require for her own subsistence - i.e. producing wealth above the price of her own labour power), exploitation is now, according to Negri, the imposition of command and hierarchy (by state&capital teamed up) onto collaborate community labour. For example, IP law forces the logic of monetary meassure on top of the immeasurable process flow of scientific research.   

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Thread: oxenT01106 Message: 16/16 L6 [In index]
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