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Re: Cross Posting WAS [ox-en] Open Source and Denied Parties

i am a drunk commie who raced a bike in mozamiqiue today so wait till tomorrow for anything sensible ;-)
i am honets, no?

Adam Moran wrote:


I’m cross posting this debate to the [Fsfe-ie] list who are producing a co-ordinated response to the envisaged European patent law, which is against all our interests - the archive is open for those folk with time on our hands [1] ... which I guess is no one on the [ox-en] list [2]

>> Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller wrote:
>>> On Sonntag 07 September 2003 18:03, auskadi wrote:
>>>> Thanks for the info but (as a lawyer) I simply don't agree
>>>> with this sort of legal anaylsis.
>>> I am not a lawyer, just a reader of the Debian Legal list. If you
>>> believe that Mozilla is not free, please discuss it there, too.

auskadi wrote:
> Thomas
> I have too many listss in my inbox just now but if you want to post it
> there you can - that's fine; I think the best way for this sort of thing > to happen is for those of us who are on other lists to cross post things
> and "report back" if needed

I’m on too many lists as well, and in line with martin's suggestion I’m going to forward (under separate cover) an email I sent earlier today to the [Fsfe-ie] list suggesting a common place to publish our ideas

I refer the [ox-en] list to the thread started by chris croome entitled "[ox-en] How about a site?" - i think both chris and me sense a need to mainstream and demystify the FLOSS mode of production to the world outside our newly forming and overlapping communities - IMHO this can be done best by participation from, and reference to, the (stakeholder) communities themselves; can we all consider therefore contacting interested parties and figure out an acceptable location for this joint work ?


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[1] Archive :

[2] archive :


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