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Re: [ox-en] How about a site?


On Sat 27-Sep-2003 at 07:33:47PM -0400, Graham Seaman wrote:

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Chris Croome wrote:

Two questions:
 - if I added something to it now would it be possible
   to let me know if you need to delete it so I can save a

Sure, add whatever you like, I wasn't planning on deleting
it :-)

 - How do you add external urls? The TextFormattingRules
   don't say.

Yeah, it's a wiki in development, the only way to do it at
the moment as far as I can work out is to add a full URI
ant it gets turned into a link... basic I know, but it




Thread: oxenT01253 Message: 14/49 L12 [In index]
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