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Re: [ox-en] goal of oekonux, theory vs. practice, the new social movements and the left

Hi Franz

On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, franz schaefer wrote:

Q1: what is the goal of oekonux? is the only goal the production of theory
    or are we concerned about actual use and practice as well?
    implicitly suggested...

A1: my personal answer to this question: i guess most people who are
    thinking about alternatives to our current society are driven by their
    dislike for the current world and not just by some academical interest
    of "what could be possible". i implicitly assumed this would be true for
    the oekonux project as well. but from what i have heard from stefan
    mertens and others i am not so sure about it anymore.

You seem to be making the assumption that there are only two
possibilities: people on the oekonux lists - hence oekonux as an
organization, as far as it is one - only want to 'do theory', OR they
want to 'do theory and practice'.

There is a third possibility - people on the lists have practical 
activities elsewhere, and see the oekonux lists as one place among others 
to consolidate ideas about these activities. That is, the lists might be 
purely theoretical, but all the people could be activists at the same 
time. My impression is that this is largely true, at least for the english 

Personally, I would love to be at the ASF and Oekonux Conference
simultaneously, but someone who spends all their time working with the
Social Forums might be glad of an opportunity to reflect on it from

[I believe there may be a speaker from Hipatia at the ASF - Vicente, do 
you know if JuanCarlo or Diego is going?]



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