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Re: [ox] Re: [ox-en] goal of oekonux, theory vs. practice, the new social movements and the left

On Sun, Oct 05, 2003 at 04:11:51PM -0400, Graham Seaman wrote:

You seem to be making the assumption that there are only two
possibilities: people on the oekonux lists - hence oekonux as an
organization, as far as it is one - only want to 'do theory', OR they
want to 'do theory and practice'.

There is a third possibility - people on the lists have practical 
activities elsewhere, and see the oekonux lists as one place among others 
to consolidate ideas about these activities. That is, the lists might be 
purely theoretical, but all the people could be activists at the same 
time. My impression is that this is largely true, at least for the english 

yes. the question is: is this involvement in practical activities seen as
useful and necessary or is it seen as an unnecessary coincidence or even

from the argumentation about whether hallein or vienna it looks like if some
people here do not see the value of the practical side and that they believe
that this thing can be some pure theory.. i was surprised by this...

to some degree they even deny that working together with social movments can
even be useful. there is a "we know it all" attitude that suggest that it
makes sense to give other people an introduction to oekonux but there is no
understanding that one could learn from the other side as well. there is the
idea that oekonux is so much different from what is going on at a social
forum that these people will not be interested and could not understand what
people are talking about.. that the left is just a bunch of loosers that is
not comapitble with the successfull free software elite..etc..

i do think oekonux project has a serios problem if such an attitude would
become predominant here..

so the question remains: how do people see the value of practice? 


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