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Re: OHA/ODA in English (was: Re: [ox-en] Re: [ox] Re: Oekonux and politics)

On Sat, 11 Oct 2003, Thomas Berker wrote:

Only briefly, since I have to catch a plane: I only tried to give an 
impression about what the discussion on the German list was about (from my 
point of view), because you mentioned it and Graham asked for it. 

Yes, I did. Thank you for writing about it. If I haven't replied it is 
only because the discussion is one that is new to me and I'm just 

I would 
rather not answer your questions, since this would start the same 
discussion again. Several people on the German list tried to answer you, 
but you dismissed their answers. I, for instance, pointed out my position 
with reference to Adorno's concept of organisation (excerpt in German: 
<>) and do not have the 
time and energy to repeat all this in English.

If there is anyone with access to a good library the excerpts come from:

Adorno, Th. W. 1995 [1953]: Individuum und Organisation. In: Th. W.
Adorno, Soziologische Schriften I, hrsg. v. Rolf Tiedemann,
Frankfurt/M., S. 440-456:

If a translation of this exists, it is presumably:
Adorno, Th. W 'The Individual and Organisation' in 'Sociological Writings
of Th. Adorno' edited by Rolf Tiedemann

so it might be easy for someone to post the relevant bits ;-)
('what is organization', 'on the humanisation of organisation', 



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