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[ox-en] Re: OHA/ODA in English

Hi ThomasB and list!

Yesterday Thomas Berker wrote:
Only briefly, since I have to catch a plane:

Hope you had a nice flight.

I would
rather not answer your questions, since this would start the same
discussion again. Several people on the German list tried to answer you,
but you dismissed their answers.

I do not have the impression we came to an end in this debate. And I
think it is not only that I am recalcitrant.

After all I do not think that the questions I posed are simple to
answer. If they would someone would find the time to give those
simple, enlightening answers and even stupid me would understand them.

I, for instance, pointed out my position
with reference to Adorno's concept of organisation (excerpt in German:
<>) and do not have the
time and energy to repeat all this in English.

Thanks for looking it up in the archive. Instead of dismissing it I
wrote an answer (anyone can find by pushing [Thread Next]) and the
following dialogue between you and me seems to be an interesting entry
point into that debate.

At this time the debate was still very much determined by fighting
about words. For instance at one point I asked what Adorno's
"Zweckrationalität" (rationality for a purpose) really distinguishes
from "Gruppenstandpunkt" (the standpoint of a (interest) group). Well,
one difference is that you hail the first and condemn the second.

As my first answer to your posting says: My reading of Adorno very
much suggests that my main point is shared by Adorno: Alienation is
the problem when looking at organisation(s) in an emancipatory manner.
If an organization[1] alienates from the Zweckrationalität then there
is a problem. This is the same as I am saying regarding interest
groups only with other words.

If I read this today I'd say this quarrel about words is actually not
that interesting. May be I sticked to this far too long. But
nonetheless this debate opened my eyes to some questions I still find
not simple to answer. May be we should re-discuss this not along the
same lines that fueled the German debate but along some simple
questions as the ones I posed in the past few days. I am actually keen
to learn where we end up when asking this way.

And BTW: I think my questions are completely relevant. If someone
thinks differently I'd be very much interested why. May be we can make
a start when the people here on this list simply try to give some

						Mit Freien Grüßen


[1] Adorno is not clear in this piece about whether organization means
    planned action or an institution. IMHO he's shifting the meaning
    over this piece.

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