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Re: OHA/ODA in English (was: Re: [ox-en] Re: [ox] Re: Oekonux and politics)

For instance spam. I think it is perfectly clear that spam to the
Oekonux lists is as clearly alienated to the goal of Oekonux as
something can possibly be. Thus implementing power structures such as
SpamAssassin to stop spam is taking responsibility for the goals of
the project. By Holloway's definition I guess it would be instrumental
or creative power completely depending on the side you are currently
looking at. I mean the spammer *is* oppressed by SpamAssassin. And
that you implement your power structure in software does not strip the
power structure off. I find this aspect of Holloway particular weak.


Spam is a parasitical oppression on a communal service agreement or

Removal of spam is as much oppression as is forcing someone who has been
networking their business all through the meal to pay their share of the

SpamAssassin is a defensive structure, like a 2-handed shield. I don't
think it can be used to oppress another, only to isolate the user.


cheers, Rich.

rich walker | technical person | Shadow Robot Company | rw
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                                 London  N1 1LX       | +UK 20 7700 2487

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