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Re: [ox-en] Re: [ox] Re: Oekonux and politics

Clearly, social fora 
and other 'new social movements' are as oekonuxish as it gets in today's 
political landscape.

Well, I'm writing this in next to every mail in this thread but it is
simply not the case that there are no contacts. I for one would hope
that we have even more contacts like the ones listed on the on-tour
page to all thinkable players on the political and other landscapes.

so you are talking about the kind of contacts like "organisation A announced
to support organisation B". the kind of contact that you declared obsolete
in the paragraph above? no. we do not need this kind of contact. what it
nees is that people mingle... do cooperation on a personal level and not
just send some official speaker. this is why i wanted the oekonux at the
social forum in the first place..

Right, if you're looking at Free Software as an example of what you're
trying to achieve politically, then instead of "A supports B" you need
things like

"A works with B, C, D, E and F"
or "A, B, C, and D are drop-in replacements for each other"
or "A, B, C and D all fulfill the basic role of X"
or "A needs any of B, C, D or E in order to do"

For example, take organisation of mass-transport to demonstrations. Now,
any group could try to do this, but in the UK it is (tacitly) recognised
that the Socialist Workers are *really good* at arranging coaches,
printing posters, arranging banners, and so on. [*] Like GCC - compiles
anything you need compiling. You may not agree with the notion of lisp
as a compiler design language, but until you can be bothered to replace
50MB of source, you're using GCC...

[*] Hence the saying - "After the revolution, the SWP are the new
Ministry of Transport"

Now, the particular element that I think might occur at social forums is
the "ability to do" element. For example, some groups are better at
prisoner support than others. When a group that is not used to this runs
into it, if it has pre-existing contacts in this way it can draw on them
to produce an effective model quickly.

cheers, Rich.

rich walker | technical person | Shadow Robot Company | rw
front-of-tshirt space to let     251 Liverpool Road   |
                                 London  N1 1LX       | +UK 20 7700 2487

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