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Re: [ox-en] Re: [ox] Re: Oekonux and politics

Graham Seaman wrote:

And your rot-13ing has lost him a rare 
opportunity to be listed by google...

Which reminds me in a spurious way that, for some years, the only place
on the Internet with a sane reference to Hakim Bey was in our philosophy
Hakim Bey has an elegant contrast that sets it forth rather neatly:

What we like about Palaeolithic life:

  * the elegant laziness of hunter/gatherer society

  * the 2-hour workday

  * the obsession with art, dance, poetry and amorousness

  * the "democratization of shamanism"

  * the cultivation of perception

in short, culture.

What we dislike about civilisation can be deduced from the following

 1. the "Agricultural Revolution"

 2. the emergence of caste

 3. the City and its cult of hieratic control

 4. slavery

 5. dogma

 6. imperialism

 7. [?]

True, that doesn't have much reason to be associated with this thread,
but I figure as far as thread digression goes, it's pretty close to
relevant to the underlying oekonux themes.

cheers, Rich.

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