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[ox-en] Re: The Castle of Crossed Destinies

Three Tales of Madness and Destruction

II. Ginni

My mate burnt her self to death last year in a car on top of a hill not far from where I am now. She had told her mam and ex that she was just going up to the lakes for a bit to have a break and get her head straight. She was locked-in to quite a few unhelpful patterns of both the psychological and chemical composition ... in this dichotic categorisation.

She left a hole here and people started to fall in it. What can you say to a group who had missed the insanity of partaking in a sing-along-a-sound-of-music event at the same time as kids where being locked-up for disturbing the peace.

Explain the phenomena. Every behavior has a positive intention. What was the positive intention behind her burning ?

One can only guess - mine is based as ever on partial information and Inspector Maigret novels ;)

I've seen this behavior a few times before and speculate a pattern:
Despair in the *I*.

The burning removes the despair in hope that this despair is not repurposed / regenerated in / by connected / loved *I*.

I wish I had intervened to a greater extent before the event rather than mop-up the aftermath but one can only do so much and remain focused. Her child is in good hands through the work of others. And like all faithful Atrides I tend to spare no tears for the dead.



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