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Re: [ox-en] Fwd: self-unfolding - Selbstenftaltung - self valorisation

Thanks Graham, Hi Annette,

Graham Seaman wrote:

[Annette: v. ende dieses email]

The closest I've found to an article just about selbstentfaltung is one by Annette Schlemm (who's active on the German list)

Adam, is your German good enough to read that? I think the topic/context
would interest you. If someone could tell me whether that piece was a
relevant/completed one on the topic, I would try to translate it (would
need to sort out the licensing with Annette first, though).

"Man kommt nicht als Frau zu Welt, man wird es" - Beauvoir 1968

Classic Babel Fish Translation (smirk):

 "one does not come as a Mrs to world, one becomes it"

... this is normally put:

"One is not born, but rather becomes, a women." - Opening sentence from book 2 of the *Second Sex*.

... or to put it another way: the *I* unfolds into the existing patriachial structure.

More Classic Babe Fish, and a well made point:

2.1. 1. Radical toolism

First however the origin of the suppression is seen primary in a biological difference (e.g. in the derivative from reproduction advantages more woman-robbing or –tauschender communities in the human early period). From this sexual suppression all other suppression mechanisms are to have followed only. Therefore the fight against the patriarchat must have priority before all other fights. This became above all so far the frequently held opinion, the woman Mrs. is only a "Nebenwiderspruch" in relation to the class question, opposite and became the birth certificate of the autonomous women's movement.

I think it would be great if we could translate all this content and put it on the wikis somewhere, if that's cool with Annette and everyone else.

Ich haber zur venig deutch - Ich lerne es. Ich grolle nicht, und den was mein hertz brict ... not much Heine though; more Hesse and Kafka und Irischer Zigeuner Auslander zum Munchem zum '86. (big grin)

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