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Re: [ox-en] Fwd: self-unfolding - Selbstenftaltung - self valorisation

Hi Martin,

some hints about self-unfolding / selbstentfaltung:
On Saturday 21 February 2004 09:43, Martin Hardie wrote:
I want to follow through on something I mentioned last year but really
didnt pursue ... no don't groan it's OK.... its not the gpl (I know I
am correct about that!!!)

but the relationship between:

self-unfolding - Selbstenftaltung AND self valorisation

Has anyone thought any more about this? Anyone read any more Ngri
derived stuff about  self valorisation????

I read the Empire-book, and I found that the term "self valorisation" 
(german: selbstverwertung) is completely misleading. In Empire it is the 
source of human power to create and the opposite of "controled 
valorisation" (my term).

Hardt/Negri do not have an economic theory. Therefore "self-anything" 
coming from the productive power of the multitude is good, whereas 
"controled-anything" coming from the empire/sovereign is bad. They don't 
understand, that "valorisation" in general is the problem.

In this narrow economic sense self-unfolding has nothing to do with 
self-valorisation. In a wider more descriptive sense one can say, that 
Hardt/Negri use it in the same way as we do in ox.

Taking this wider view into account, you'll find the same sketch in two 
more sources:
- John Holloway having "creative vs. instrumental power"
- Klaus Holzkamp having "generalized vs. restrictive action potence"

Klaus Holzkamp is the founder of german critical psychology basing on 
(traditional) marxism: (german only)

Where is the best place to find a definition of what Stefam Merten
calls self-unfolding ("Selbstenftaltung")???

We discussed this topic and the problems about the term "self-unfolding" 
about two years ago. Here is the thread, please check:

Does "Selbstenftaltung" come from Marx and if so where??

Not directly. Marx/Engels used "free development of each is the condition 
for the free development of all" in communist manifesto which is similar 
to "individual self-unfolding is the precondition of the self-unfolding 
of all and vice versa" we find in free software and use in ox.

Can  Selbstenftaltung be translated as self valorisation???

Not really. Roughly you can translate "Selbstentfaltung" with "individual 
free development".

I have this:

Yes, the nice interview with StefanMn.

SM: With GPL society we describe a society beyond capitalism. The main
difference is, that this society is no longer based on exchange and
exchange value and thus the term labor doesn't make much sense any
longer. Instead the basis of this new society will be the individual
self-unfolding ("Selbstenftaltung") combined with self-organization and
global cooperation. Goods in this society are not sold but simply
available and taken by those who need them. Of course such a society is
difficult to imagine for people who grew up with only money on their

Quite good, because it includes the economic aspect.


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