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Re: Debian / ox-en And [ox-en] Jonathan

On Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 03:31:47PM -0800, Jonathan Walther wrote:
What are you training to do with your mind ?

To have empathy and understanding for all my fellow humans.

So why on Sat Feb 9 2002 did you falsely claim that "Canada's highest
court found that Zundel was telling the truth and dismissed all charges
against him." ( )

It did NOT find that the Holocaust denier Zundel was telling the
truth in his publications. No-one who read the actual judgement could
be misled about that fact.

Why did you, in the same post, claim that Zundel is "not a Nazi,
or even a sympathiser"? Zundel is certainly a Nazi sympathiser at
the very least - see
for example.

To others reading this post, I'd like to quote two bits from that
discussion from Simon Kinahan:

"Those usually labelled holocaust deniers hold a number of viewpoints,
and often one individual will advocate different perspectives to different
audiences or at different times."

(In other words, holocaust deniers are like spammers. Two-faced.)

"It should be noted that there is enough documentation in existence
showing that Holocaust deniers are willing liars and have links to
neo-Nazi groups that you should take anything written or commissioned
by them with entire deserts of salt".

I do not wish to waste any more time on this issue. Please, Stefan,
would you ban this individual from the list.


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