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Re: [ox-en] Qt being proprietary (was: [Half off-topic] Walther)

On 25 Feb 2004 at 21:38, Robin Green wrote:

Major correction:

On Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 08:50:05PM -0000, Niall Douglas wrote:
Qt, a European proprietary library

Qt for X11 hasn't been proprietary for years. It's GPLed.

I should have said that it was at the time of KDE and GNOME's 
formation period. It was certainly pivotal in how they came to be 
what they are today, even if it no longer plays a part.

(Qt for Windows is still proprietary, though. But who cares
about that?)

Actually I do. I always have found this to be an excellent example of 
how the GPL in particular acts as nexus, drawing in code around it 
and forcing it to become GPL-compatible. Most view that as a good 
thing, but not if you don't like the GPL (like me).

There's more free software for Windows by volume than Linux and so 
it's the more important market to have a non-commercial version of 
Qt. I don't know, it just seems wrong to have double standards like 
that - we need free software more for Windows.


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