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Re: usage of software [was: Re: Fwd: Re: [ox-en] Walther]

On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 01:58:56PM -0500, Graham Seaman wrote:
If you can find George Dafermos (who spoke at the last oekonux
conference, though not on this topic) he might be able to put up a
better defense of the ggpl than I could... George, are you lurking?

George, myself, and the David Turner (the FSF licensing guru) talked
about this in some depth last September. Dave and I (who both knew a
bit about it going in) were entirely unconvinced of that application
of the GGPL/CGPL was good idea in any circumstances.

I agree that it's an interesting idea and a nice gesture. That said, I
think that encouraging people to use an in-all-likelihood
unenforceable license is pretty irresponsible even if it doesn't mean
starting down a slipperly slope of dicrimination for use and
undermining one of the core tenents of FOSS.

'radical non-discrimination that lies at the heart of FOSS': does that
extend beyond usage of software? If so, necessarily, or not?

It depends on what you mean. It certainly referes to usage (freedom
1). It also aplies to who can apply the license in the case of every
FOSS license I can think of. Of course, it doesn't force you to work
with people you don't like, or agree with, for any reasons --
political or not. And it shouldn't. :) There's nothing about FOSS that
keeps you from refusing to work with people who don't share your
political beliefs except common practice.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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