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Re: Local economies and Gesellian theory (was: Re: [ox-en] Re: Re: Wolfgang Polatzek * Von der lokalen zur transformativen Ökonomie*)

On Friday 22 July 2005 08:04, Stefan Merten wrote:

Hi Magius!

Last week (8 days ago) magius wrote:
 I agree with you on several points of your criticism
about "local" economies,


but I think that an alternative economy
can be created, starting from a local level but with the goal
to extend it on a global one.

Well, this is tried since 30+ years now. And apart from a very few
examples under pretty special conditions I can not see this is working
on any interesting scale. Today to me there is only one conclusion:
This is a dead end street.

that's what they said about the airplane, never mind rockets.

it's clear that you don't understand how community currencies can scale - 
perhaps you ought to check it out.

...current system design

---demo of web software

how the argentinians used cc to weather their economic meltdown,4273,4243942,00.html

the other thing you might consider is how cc will enable software developers 
to be paid for their "free" work instead of working for megacorps and 
developing shareware on the side in their own time.

i'm willing to bet you're going to have to eat your words.

ernie yacub

Contact: projekt

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