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[ox-en] Re: Local economies and Gesellian theory (was: Re: [ox-en] Re: Re: Wolfgang Polatzek * Von der lokalen zur transformativen Ökonomie*)

ernie yacub:
the other thing you might consider is how cc will enable software developers
to be paid for their "free" work instead of working for megacorps and
developing shareware on the side in their own time.

This is an important aspect. Let's point the case of free-software
developpement. Is the free-software way of production really
independent from the "outside" economy (not necessarily capitalism,
economy as an exchange system)? I mean, free-software products are
given to the community for free, but free software developpers "eat"
through products' customization and related services selled in the
market. Basicly if there's not a real autonomy of the free-software
way of production, is needed an exchange system-
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