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[ox-en] Re: Local economies and Gesellian theory

Hi list!

Magius replied to me privately. I'm forwarding his thoughts here with
permission because I think it is useful here.

4 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
Last week (8 days ago) magius wrote:
 I agree with you on several points of your criticism
about "local" economies,

Date:  Sat, 23 Jul 2005 13:15:34 +0200
From:  magius <gmagius>
Subject:  Oekonux and FAZ
To:  Stefan Merten <smerten>

Hi Stefan,

About your analysis: you said free software is not a "political"
project and that's true, but it's also true that your analysis is
"typically" a marxist one!  And I agree completely with it! I have not
an ideological approach, mine is "only" a practical one. My question
is: how to FASTER change the context? My final goal is to abolish
money but I think we need a "transition" period in which money exists
but *changes face*. Simply because I actually (but I could change
idea..) think an approach like yours needs a strong awareness in a lot
of people. And NOW we have not it. I found in "gesellian money" a tool
to starting abolish money, from abolish his **store of value**
attribute, leaving only the **mean of exchange** one. FAZ is a
"minimalist" collection of tools to try to **homeopatically** change
the status-quo, using money to abolish it (in a similar way as GPL
used copyright licence to abolish copyright) and introducing the
concept of "artificial abundance" to fight the "artificial scarcity"
of capitalism.  As I said you, mine is only a tactical approach. If
there're other better and faster practiceable ways to reach the goal
to abolish money, I'm strongly interested to change my ideas.

Contact: projekt

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