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[ox-en] Re: Local economies and Gesellian theory

Hi Ernie!

4 days ago ernie yacub wrote:
On Friday 22 July 2005 08:04, Stefan Merten wrote:
Last week (8 days ago) magius wrote:
but I think that an alternative economy
can be created, starting from a local level but with the goal
to extend it on a global one.

Well, this is tried since 30+ years now. And apart from a very few
examples under pretty special conditions I can not see this is working
on any interesting scale. Today to me there is only one conclusion:
This is a dead end street.

that's what they said about the airplane, never mind rockets.

And about the GPL society ;-) .

how the argentinians used cc to weather their economic meltdown,4273,4243942,00.html

[Can't read the article because being offline.] Yes, but Argentina is
such a case of a set of very special conditions - namely being
excluded from the global market by having no more national currency.
And it's also an example that this type of currency needs such special
conditions and as soon they vanish they crash. Local exchange based
economies are good for areas the global market is no longer interested
in - I never argued against this. However, this is only some sort of
administration of poverty - certainly nothing which leads to a
different society.

the other thing you might consider is how cc will enable software developers
to be paid for their "free" work instead of working for megacorps and
developing shareware on the side in their own time.

Well, IMHO this is probably the best way to destroy Free Software. The
freedom of the developer from the structural force of being paid and
to work for the payment in exchange is the lifeblood of Free Software.
In Oekonux we named this Double Free Software contrasting to Single
Free Software where the user has all the freedoms but the developer is
not free in her/his decisions.

Is this something you can understand? Can you accept that it makes a
difference for whose goals someone spends effort? Can you accept that
there is some impact on the product depending on who sets the goals.

i'm willing to bet you're going to have to eat your words.

Probably as little as you will ;-) .

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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