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Re: [ox-en] Re: Local economies and Gesellian theory

On jue, 2005-07-28 at 08:02 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Stefan Merten wrote:

Well, it didn't work when the conditions get better again (in terms of
capitalist economy which served Argentinian people very well for a
couple of decades). In addition the community currencies worked only
in the country so people were not able to buy on the global market.

Just to clear some things about Argentinian case. Here in Argentina
"community currency" have lived with "normal currency" for 2 years.
Every State had their own currency, and they were not be able to used
outside of the state.
Also We had bank accounts with community currencies beacuse wages also
were paid in CC.
But In fact everyone Who had CC, spent as fast as he can, beacuse he
didnt know what can happen on the next day.
[sorry about my english]
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