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Re: [ox-en] New economic model for free technology?

On Mon, Oct 03, 2005 at 01:51:14PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Stefan Merten wrote:

Hi Karel!

Thanks for your answers. Please allow for some more questions.

5 days ago Karel Kulhavy wrote:
On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 05:45:42PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Stefan Merten wrote:
The deeper reason is that if you create a good for nothing else than
its use value than you can create the very best thing thinkable. This

Ronja has no use value for me. I got 1Mbps ADSL connection at home which
is reliable enough for me and don't need any Ronja.

This is very interesting. So what is your motivation to create Ronja?
Is it simply an / your engineer's dream?

Motivation is that I like to do it. I also like the feeling that it's
something naturally uncensored (light) so when government/whoever is
pissing me off with his censorship, I relieve my stress by creating
something that goes against them :)

You seem to be very decided to earn enough money for living with
developing Ronja. At the same time you seem pretty sure that there is
some need (aka market) for it. In capitalism this is seen as the
perfect start for a new company.

For some reasons seemingly you did not chose this option. Can you tell
us why?

Company is a lot of overhead. The problem is that the design doesn't
exist. People don't need advertising, P.R. managers, lawyer battles etc.
That's not a part of the problem. So why wasting effort on that?

I don't need to start a company to develop Ronja. It would just consume
my scarce time on bureaucratic operations and I couldn't develop at all.

Contact: projekt

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