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Re: [ox-en] New economic model for free technology?

Franz, I agree with your point, I was just assuming
that those with funds, would write out the specs.

I'm also not sure that peer groups would always be
able to represent the common interest, without any
intermediation by the state as representative of the
'public' in its totality.

The underlying logic is always the same, I do not
believe in a pure 'peer to peer' utopia, but in
something intermediary in which it is dominant, but
not alone.


If you separate the two, government or companies
write out specs, say for a new green car, and P2P
teams would start working on it. When it is ready,
capital would be use for production of the car.
yet, if capital were itself distributed,
would not be needed even for that phase.

Michel, why should government or companies write out
the specs?

we have succesful examples where individuals or
networks could do the job
much better! From the beginning! I told at the third
oekonux conference
that even Markus Merz who is otherwise not really
keeping up his community
("Open Source Car" Germany) gave examples of a
"bootstrap community" being
much more competent than any government agency or
single company. The
reason is that real people with different needs can
perspectives, and different perspectives are needed
for good design!

I think the beauty of the New GPL economy should not
be overseen: that
intellect is so distributed that competent seed
groups can contribute to
the common good in an entirely new fashion.

I agree governments could positively contribute by
recognizing and
supporting such "seeds of competence". The support
of governments could be
creating space for dialogue, infrastructure and

am I dreaming here?


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