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Re: [ox-en] book verification

Hi Michael!

Last week (11 days ago) Michael Bouwens wrote:
I was just wondering, since this is one of the most
knowledgeable lists on peer production. Would anyone
be interested in reading my manuscript, say section by
section, and point out the errors, the criticisms,

If that were the case I could publish 2 sections per
week, and try to respond to the comments? Of course, I
do not want to monopolise this list and perhaps there
are better ways?

There is the Oekonux Wiki which could be a good place to put it
(also). If you want to consider this here are some directions:

1. Please direct your browser to

2. Click on "Login" in the upper right and create an account.

   This is necessary to be allowed to edit pages - mainly as a spam
   protection feature.

3. Create an (at least minimal) home page by browsing to

   and follow the instructions to create a page. In this case please
   choose "HomepageTemplate" in the left column.

   "MichaelBouwens" should match the name of your login.

4. Create a page for the book for instance by creating

   Probably it's best to put the table of contents there so it will be
   easy to create links to the chapter pages.

5. Create pages for the chapters for instance by creating

Of course the structuring is just an proposal but it seems useful to
me so the pages get not too long.

I'm monitoring the Wiki regularly and I'm ready to help if necessary.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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and send out in the evening of the day it is written. It
does not take any information into account which may have
reached my mailbox since yesterday evening.

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