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Re: [ox-en] book verification

Dear friends,

I am hereby starting the process of putting the
manuscript online, and hoping that any of you with
interest and time, critiques and add suggestions to
it, section by section. I found the German on the
opentheory site confusing, so I've put it here:

This week, I have put the following online:

-	The Table of Contents and Executive Summary, at

-	The Introduction, at

-	Section 2A, on P2P as the Technological Framework of
Cognitive Capitalism, at

Many thanks for any input,

Michel Bauwens

Peer to Peer and Human Evolution	1
Table of Contents	1
0. Executive Summary	3
1. Introduction	5
1.A. What this essay is about	5
1.B. Some acknowledgments	8
2. P2P as the Technological Framework of Cognitive
Capitalism	8
2.1.A.  Defining P2P as the relational dynamic of
distributed networks	8
2.1.B.  The emergence of peer to peer as
infrastructure	10
2.1.C. The construction of an alternative media
infrastructure	12
2.1.D. P2P as a global platform for autonomous
cooperation	17
2.2. Explaining the Emergence of P2P technology	20
2.3.A. Placing P2P in the context of the evolution
technology	20
2.3.B. P2P and Technological Determinism	21
eyond Formalization, Institutionalization,
Commodification	46

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