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Re: Basic income as an option? (was: Re: [ox-en] New economic model for free technology?)

Greetings, Stefan!

Am Dienstag 04 Oktober 2005 08:48 schrieb Stefan Merten:

Certainly the Krisis thinking is one of the basic roots of Oekonux and
so you will find often in the discussions.

That's ambingous. Krisis is certainly the personal background of you and 
several other oekonuxees. So, what you do is answering the Oekonux questions 
from a Krisis perspective. But this is not the only way to access the Oekonux 
topic, which in itself does not appear to be Krisis related to me!

In Germany in the 1970s
we created a social helping system (Sozialhilfe) which is basically a
very low level and highly conditionalized state based basic income.

This is bullshit! The old "social help" as well as the new "unemployment money 
2" ("Hartz 4") are intended only for exceptional situations. The receiver has 
to do his best to get out of this situation again, or else he can sleep under 
the bridge.

Basic income would not be bound to any conditions. It would be a guarantee 
that one could not fall below a certain level, and one would receive it 
automatically -- without filling out privacy breaking formulars or talking to 
nerve-breaking bureaucrats.

Thomas }:o{#
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