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Re: [ox-en] Re: The Lettuce

Hi Michel, Franz, all!

Last month (50 days ago) Michael Bouwens wrote:
Do not worry again: production by the masses will only happen if superior
examples will convice them. no imposing element!

If this would be the case we would have this already. Capitalism
always goes to where productivity is maximum. Capitalism does
concentrate production of many commodities in relatively few places
and this is not by chance. One reason is that specialized machinery is
located in one place and another reason is that specialized know-how
is located in one place.

Once more IMHO reality proves you wrong.

What you say here below is correct to a degree. Capitalism does
choose for globalised concentration,

Not only. As Franz pointed emphasized it goes where conditions for
valorization are best. And indeed specialized machinery can be brought
everywhere (nearly - for some things you need a stable external
infrastructure). But the know-how is not always available or otherwise
production would have been moved to (non-)developing countries decades
ago. What's relatively new here is the breakdown of the well
industrialized Eastern block which give good know-how levels for very
cheap wages.

but also by treating nature and
the cost of 'fair' social reproduction, as externalities.

Indeed. One of the reasons why capitalism needs to be abolished.

If you
change the protocols so as to oblige the economy to take into
account such true costing, probably you'd have a lot more
localisation that we have today.

This is probably true but this was not the point Franz made. Franz
said that "production by the masses will only happen if superior
examples will convice them". This has to happen under current
conditions then and this is what doesn't happen.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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