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Re: [ox-en] sell your free software "lifestyle" business for nine figures [u]

Hi Rich!

Last month (51 days ago) Rich Walker wrote:
Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:
2 weeks (14 days) ago Michael Bouwens wrote:
Do you not have a problem with 'some people' profiting from the work
of a whole community?

Well, isn't this the very, very characterization of a human society? I
mean a human society is defined by individuals profiting from the
society. So what can be wrong with this?

Erm - I don't know quite which dictionary you're using (perhaps a
Microsoft one)


but unless your definition of "profit" is non-standard,
this makes no sense.

I actually used the German meaning where at least the verb does not
have this heavy money connotation. But this probably applies to the
English term as well when you write of net benefit.

Societies are collections of individuals interacting.

Making money - or indeed any net benefit - has little or nothing to do
with this.

So you in effect you say that a net benefit is not the goal of the
interacting individuals? Why do they interact at all then?

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