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Re: Autonomy (was: Re: [ox-en] Obstacles for Free Products?)

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  autonomy without interdependence is just bull, you are born from your mother and father, in a society that pre-exists. 
  Your quip about cheap advertising is really cheap, I own no shares in  any community scheme, and am simply an open researcher; the statement  that alternative currencies are incompatible with oekonux theory only  makes sense if you consider that theory to be propietary.
  I could use stronger words easily, it just seems that you sometimes  operate form a closed, shall we say 'Stalinist" mindset. Were it not  for the quality of the debate by the many others of this list, such a  statement as you make would have been enough to quit.

Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:  -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----

Hi Michel!

4 months (133 days) ago Michael Bouwens wrote:
   Autonomy on the other hand means basically
leaving real life.

 Stefan, can you elaborate on this strong statement? Isn't  autonomy-in-interdependence what we all want?? (instead of heteronomous  alienation??)

To me autonomy means the ability to depend on nobody else. So
"autonomy-in-interdependence" to me is a contradiction.

Thus autonomy ends up in a subsistence which in turn means a standard
of living I guess 90+% of the people in industrialized countries
simply don't want.

Real life in a modern society means being dependent on half of the
world. Only this type of dependence ends up in the wealth most of us
are lucky enough to enjoy - and I'm talking of use value here.
Autonomy on the other hand means poverty.

  Below, some info on currency reform, from issue 99 of my newsletter:

Michel, could you please stop abusing this list as cheap advertising
space for this alternative money stuff? We went over this again and
again not only here but also on the German list and I think it is
clear that it is incompatible with Oekonux theory. I think everything
useful has been said and these two positions are simply incompatible
with each other so let's stop reiterating this over and over. Thanks.

      Mit Freien Grüßen


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