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[ox-en] Alternative currencies and Oekonux (was: Re: Autonomy)

Hi Michel and all!

Sorry if my words were a bit rude. I didn't want to upset you.
However, I still think I have a point here.

6 days ago Michael Bouwens wrote:
  Your quip about cheap advertising is really cheap, I own no shares
  in  any community scheme, and am simply an open researcher; the
  statement  that alternative currencies are incompatible with
  oekonux theory only  makes sense if you consider that theory to be

  I could use stronger words easily, it just seems that you
  sometimes  operate form a closed, shall we say 'Stalinist"
  mindset. Were it not  for the quality of the debate by the many
  others of this list, such a  statement as you make would have been
  enough to quit.

I'd be a bit careful with words like Stalinist. There may be people
here who are victims of *real* Stalinists and they may resent such

But let me explain how I see things as far as alternative currency
schemes are concerned. Before: Please note that all this is my
personal opinion. As such it is not different from yours or anyone
elses and I don't think it makes sense to be more upset about it than
for instance about your opinion.

Oekonux is rooted in Free Software. From the home page:

  In Project Oekonux different people with different opinions and
  different methods study the economic and political forms of Free
  Software. An important question is, whether the principles of the
  development of Free Software may be the foundation of a new economy
  which may be the base for a new society.

We "study the economic and political forms of Free Software" for some
seven years now. During this time to my knowledge *never* *anyone*
found an alternative currency system in any Free Software project. So
to say the least: Alternative currencies do simply not appear in Free
Software. Or even more so: They didn't evolve - although people in
Free Software know about these schemes. If you have different facts
then please present them here.

Then Oekonux tries to explain how this Free Software economy works at
all - i.e. this is now theory. A fundamental insight is that Free
Software doesn't work on the basis of exchange - at least Doubly Free
Software. Again there is no room for alternative currencies because
all currencies are only an expression of an alienated form of exchange

As a result I can not see how all these alternative currency schemes
can be compatible with the roots of Oekonux. Currencies can not work
without an underlying exchange model and if there is no exchange then
there is no basis for a currency. If you see that differently I'd ask
you to make your point.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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