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Re: [ox-en] Alternative currencies and Oekonux (was: Re: Autonomy)

On 2006/4/4, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

A fundamental insight is that Free Software doesn't work on the basis of
exchange - at least Doubly Free Software. Again there is no room for alternative > currencies because all currencies are only an expression of an alienated form of > exchange facilitation.

Also me, I agree Free Software is not exchange. But there's a sort of
"sliding doors" system between Free Software and Capitalist exchange.
Free Software without Capitalism will not survive. Let me explain
better, through an example. How a Free Software coder will have an
income to live? Not from Free Software development itself (because
there's no exchange). But a good code released under GNU/GPL would
"give" work in the capitalistic system to this coder. A boss will hire
this coder because he's a good developer and the code released under
GNU/GPL (or a code under copyright, it's the same) it's the verifiable
example of his work. Free software code is a way to have work in
Capitalism, this an uncontestable truth.

Imho the correct way to put community currencies (as part of a new
economic system, different from Capitalism) in the Oekonux context, is
to think how to replace, in the "sliding doors" system before
described,  capitalistic exchange with a more just e solidal exchange.
And community currencies are a way to facilitate this change.

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