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Re: [ox-en] mozilla use of money

there are two issues here:

1), who should get something and how much in the case of the mozilla foundation; 2), whether there should be a "killer application" open source software to the benefit of the whole community; not owned by a private entity but by representatives of the community. now, i see this list as an appropriate (because its long term) forum to pose this question.

dont get paid) yet they dont get anything back.

That's bullshit. They get back improvements and bugfixes to firefox,

as for 1), true and defenitely you have a valid point. you very well can be satisfied with this. and given the upfront investment of aol this seems indeed fair. however, i have to admit that my desire to see open source successful something has a negative impact on my objectivity. apologies. luckily there are people like you who reveal this.

regarding 2, personally, i believe that a browser with such revenue potential could be of much more help to the overall success of open source. but i see that not many inhere share this believe. perhaps over time ill see if im wrong. right now im stubborn.

paid for by the ad revenue and donations. 40(?) members of staff don't
work for free you know.

i specifically mentioned the beta testers and not the 35 staff members of the mozilla for-profit corporation. as i said, i asked for some insight how many people (beta tester, people who write translations, extenstions etc) invest their time into the development of mozilla for no exchange of money.

Contact: projekt

Thread: oxenT02962 Message: 21/46 L14 [In index]
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