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Re: [ox-en] Re: Business opportuities based on Free Software

On Mon, 29 May 2006 12:08:17 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Per I. Mathisen <per> wrote:

Wikipedia is published under the GNU FDL license, and there are lots of wikipedia copies around that have ads. The users seem to prefer the original one that does not have ads.

well, has anyone concretely asked:

active contributors with more than 128 edits in the last four months, do you accept ads on the site in exchange for 300 million? this money is going to be used to help poor people and specifically for this and that. yes, you can nail me down on the numbers and details.

there is a crucial difference to the exampes you mentioned: all the ad revenues go "somehwere". i can be wrong of course, but i think the average active wikipedia contributor cares about other people. if you come up with a solid plan what "good" 300 million can do people (active contributors) might be willing to accept ads. you dont want ads. fine and accepted. who says other active wikipedia writers think the same? and where there are active contributors there are readers. so what it comes down to is how many active contributors would stop writing for wikipedia if there would be adsense on the site. has anyone asked them? no, thats what i have a problem with. not so much the content of the decision. as i have said before, my main critisim is that there was no public discussion on such a fundamental issue. whether the majority of active wikipedies want ads or not is their business. but they havent been asked! and after all, its them who add the value to the site.

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