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Re: Movement and Free Software and/vs. Open Source (was: Re: [ox-en] Re: Cooperation in Free Projects)

If we break out of the narrower
free software world vision,

defenitely agreed here. its not only about software but about information goods in general. now, in my view, the importance of this lies in the capability to reach the masses and to get their attention. how many people listen to music and watch movies and how many use (opensource) software? i think that music and other entertainment content along with sports events is a reasonable way to show the os working mechanisms and values (sharing, openness) to "normal people". for instance, we only promote (talented) musicians on our events and multi-media journal who demonstrate their support of open movements by relaesing content on (and under a cc license).

we see an emergence of an
enormous amount of initiatives which have at least 3
common focuses: the open/free paradigm, the
participatory paradigm, the commons paradigm.

what do you mean with the "commons paradigm"?

reformist projects (attempting to change the rules and
institutions from within the existing ones).

can you give some examples?

The only difference is that I do not think the current
movement will take the form of political parties

there is a bunch of "pirateparties" (here in the nordic countries sweden and germany) appearing. last time i looked they actually strive for a pan-european initiative. now, remains to be seen if they get it going, but i think the young nature of the whole thing and the open attitude of young people in general might be a factor weighing for them. still, while i share the ideology in the sense that access restrictions should not be in place, im not sure if the construct "party" (in the traditional sense) is capable of delivering the desired results. first, i dont believe the "ip focussed program" will reach critical mass (there are parties representing the interests of - millions of - automobile drivers) to gain some real influence (i hope im wrong on this point). the other reservation i have with those political movements is that - if successful - they create "proporz" and so much overhead costs and beaurocracy. therefore, personally i favour a "market driven movement" which pretty much does away with the cost issue.

anymore, but of a network of networks, that at some
point may coalesce much more than is the case today.

there is already quite some co-operation. for instance, and creative commons are delivering very positive and useful results one can built on.

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