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Re: Movement and Free Software and/vs. Open Source (was: Re: [ox-en] Re: Cooperation in Free Projects)

Dear Marcus:

See below for my comments.

By the way, Stefan et al., really appreciate your
detailed discussion on governance modes,


--- CTVN <coreteam> wrote:

common focuses: the open/free paradigm, the
participatory paradigm, the commons paradigm.

what do you mean with the "commons paradigm"?

I see the commons as a third mode of property that is
neither individual private and exclusionary (I have
it, you don't),  nor public state property(we have it
collectively, but not individually), but common: it's
from me and you and all of us, but not from the state.

Universal Common property regimes open the material
for everybody to use (share alike), while always
recognizing indidividual creation (attribution)

The GPL and certain versions of the CC would quality,
as would the universal trust ideas of Peter Barnes
(Capitalism 3.0 book)

reformist projects (attempting to change the rules
institutions from within the existing ones).

can you give some examples?

See the people and organizations listed here, such as
the EFF, CPSR, who aim to formulate policies that
would be adopted in regulation/legislation

The only difference is that I do not think the
movement will take the form of political parties

there is a bunch of "pirateparties" (here in the
nordic countries sweden  
and germany) appearing. last time  i looked they
actually strive for a  
pan-european initiative. now, remains to be seen if
they get it going, 

That remains to be seen, I expect them to remain
marginal. I think we will tend to see more adhocracies
and networks of networks, rather than
re-instantiations of the old party form (the new party
form is of course no longer a party form as
traditionally understood, the contemporary parties are
professionally maintained marketing organizations).
I'm thinking along the lines of: shall we see new
informational versions of the socialist movement for
example; or the greens. I think such forms have become
too constraining in a meta-paradigmatic environment,
where people no longer think in ideological fashion.
(not everybody of course, but the emerging edge of
human awareness formats)

b> personally i favour a "market driven movement"
pretty much does away  
with the cost issue.

Contemporary parties are already market-driven, by
polls and corporate gifts; I'm sure that's not what
you mean ... I gather you do not mean driven by prices
and corporate command?

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