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Re: [ox-en] Re: Simply and Doubly Free Software

Hi StefanS and all!

Last week (8 days ago) Stefan Seefeld wrote:
Stefan Merten wrote:
Simply and Doubly Free Software

I don't think it makes sense to attribute 'doubly free' to software,
as opposed to people writing it.

In a way yes, but to me that is one of the core Oekonux questions:
Does Selbstentfaltung as seen in Free Software written by Free people
has a major impact on the software? An impact which at least as a
tendency makes it distinguishable from Simply Free Software? As you
might have expected I think so and insofar the term makes sense
because it points to those qualities.

BTW: As I already mentioned I'm just reading Eric v. Hippel's
"Democratizing Innovation". It contains a very interesting perspective
on this question. Stay tuned.

Let's again look at GCC: Is it doubly or simply free ? (There are
'free' contributors, as well as employed developers.)

Well, if you try to create some theory it makes sense to create clear
concepts. If you want to talk about colors it makes sense to define
"red" and "yellow". What you see in practice is rarely as pure as the
definition - if at all. And sometimes practice is quite "orange". This
seems to be the case for GCC.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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