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Re: [ox-en] Motto for the 4th conference

Hi Oekonuxis!

As it seems the "beyond" topic is generally accepted as a good idea to
make it a central topic. Fine.

Generally: So far the motto / title has not dictated every single
contribution. Personally I have no problem including contributions
which are generally related to Oekonux / peer production in some way.
So it can be more concrete without limiting the scope of the

5 days ago Michael Bauwens wrote:
"beyond" by being more neutral than peer production, is also more abstract, but in a sense, only free software remains as concept ...

and what I'd like to see happen is to see oekonux move 'beyond' its assocation with just free software,


That is why I favor "beyond Free Software". It makes the direction

I gathered the ideas in the Wiki. So far the titles and subtitles are:

* Free Software and beyond

* From Free Software to peer production

  * Making Shared Kowledge Work as a Source of Abundance

  * Abundance through Shared Knowledge

* Peer Production and Beyond

  * Inspired by Free Software

"Beyond" seems to be a nice term. In "Peer production and Beyond" it
seems to me as if peer production is already well established and it's
time to make a conference at least partly for the "beyond". Are we
already there?

Problem with the term "peer production" is also that it focusses very
much on production. It might make more sense to generalize this more
for instance to include the topic of governance.

"Abundance" has also been suggested. Hmm... I'm not particularly happy
with making this topic so prominent though I can not exactly say why.

Rambling... thinking...

What to you think of

			 The World of Peer X

		       Free Software and Beyond

Would open up peer production to peer X and would also mention the
root of Free Software so people can have an idea of what the X is

I'm not particularly happy with it because it sounds a bit like
Malcolm X but I hope to trigger further ideas.



Contact: projekt

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