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[ox-en] Kula and other comments from Gregers

On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 17:07:07 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Gregers Petersen <gp.ioa> wrote:

Sorry if I misunderstand your intentions but it's not clear how what
knowing I have read
will you explain the point you are trying to argue. Assume I have read

But, you have - you keep refering to "Mauss etc.", so why should I
repeat details you already might know .... you need to enter the process
of establishing a common basis for discussion.

In my view this is a public discussion list, so what might be common
knowledge for some, is
not for others, therefore don't worry about adding extra detail, add
you feel helps explain your point.

What is the essence of 'the gift' (as stated by Marcel Mauss)? The
essence is 'reciprocity' and the cyclic exchange of "gifts" between
identified 'partners' over time with the intent of creating and
maintaining long-term relationships (here refering to the specific
context in which 'kula' exists, e.g. Melanesia).

That seems like a fair summary.

You mention "big Men" - what is it being a "Big Man", how is it
different from being a "Great Man" (

Not sure what you are asking, a big man is an form of chief or sub chief
as far as I know.

My understanding is that Chiefdoms, as a transitional form between
societies and state-based ones, are significant in their role of
control of circulation, staring with tributary and prestige goods.

I believe it was the ideological project of Mauss to show forms of
social organization which defies/opposes market capitalism - simply by
being based on a different value system.

Perhaps, I believe intention is a component in all analysis, no matter 
how "objective" or "scientific" it claims to be.

As long as you keep wringing
pieces together in the way your doing you'r killing your argument. I
just end thinking that; 'this person has read a 20 years old
anthropology first semester text-book picked-up at a garagesale, then
grapped a few sentences and now throws them into the air' - 

Gregers you being overly generous assuming I have a read a _complete_ 20
year old
anthropology text book, I have not even read that.

I am a software developer and cultural producer, I make art and software, I
am not
an anthropologist or a scholar of any kind.

and this is really sad, because you might actually have a point.

Then please help me elaborate it, and I will take whatever you help me
and use it in my own attempts to find and experiment with new ways of
and sharing.

It is not my intention to become an anthropologist, which is why I
sometimes have to harass 
them (and other scholars) into S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G out their points, and not
just expecting
everyone to join the academy and become an expert in whatever field is
being discussed.

Try to re-read my prior reply - because you did miss the important

Please Gregers, I barely have time to participate as much as have been,
help out and simply
repeat your point, I am not deliberately avoiding it, I promise.


Dmytri Kleiner
editing text files since 1981

Contact: projekt

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