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Re: [ox-en] Competition between Free and proprietary software


On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 08:48:17PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Stefan Merten wrote:

Some of you may have noticed that finally BEA has been bought by
Oracle. BEA was one of the big players in the field of middleware and
especially J2EE/SOA technology. With JBoss in this field there is also
a big and ever increasing open source application stack (backed by a
Today I came across this blog entry:
which relates to this
The author of the second also reacted to the first one:
The blog entries deal with the competition between proprietary
software vendors with Free Software and thus are probably interesting

I found the last of the three blog entries quite insightful and largely
agree with Bob Pasker's view.


P.S.: As most on the list supposedly are not familiar with the history 
      of middle wares and their market:
      - "F500" adresses the "Fortune500" list of the worlds 500 biggest 
      - Hence the middle ware market is a billion $ market
      - Weblogic was bought by BEA in the end of the nineties
      - Both bloggers are seniors in this field

Contact: projekt

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