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Re: [ox-en] DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT - CfC for the conference - DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT

Hi all!

Last week (9 days ago) Christian Siefkes wrote:
the problem that I see with your formulation is that people are
clearly sharing with extented social networking platforms such as
facebook as well

But then, mentioning "Sharing platforms" or "Sharing on proprietary
platforms" should already cover Facebook, so there is no need to list social
networking sites as a separate point.

Good point. AFAICS it's fine if we keep only sharing platforms.

Then we are done with the Call :-) .

According to the roadmap_ we have still some time before broad
publication so I'll leave the draft marks for now.



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Thread: oxenT04409 Message: 15/19 L9 [In index]
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