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Re: [ox-en] DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT - CfC for the conference - DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT

hi list - a first post for me. i think that some of the above
discussion re 'sharing economy' is probably something that could be
left to be thought through at the conference itself. i would however,
think carefully about the assumptions in this passage:

It is still amazing how in the realm of
software the creativity of so many volunteers leads to products which
are useful for whole mankind.

i have no qualm with the slightly utopian posture, but the passage:
'useful for whole mankind', is a little presumptuous (can one speak
for a totality so easily?), not to mention grammatically incorrect. I
would also avoid the term 'mankind' for obvious reasons. i suggest:
"...leads to products that have proven beneficial across a range of

i hope this is useful.

Nate Tkacz
School of Culture and Communication
University of Melbourne

Contact: projekt

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