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Re: [ox-en] Re: "At Cost"

michel writes:
But if we want more, how do we do it. I think your explanation might be
crucial and should be shared.

Effectiveness is the key: every gardener knows that if you want something
to happen, you have to create an "artificial" (in fact natural)) ecology
and let natural flows support each other. In a similar way we must
understand the transition from enterprise to hypercycle - voluntary
agreements to work for each others effectiveness.  The effectiveness
results in virtuous circles that feed back. Measurement of value is
potential future activity and expected benefit, not the accumulated dead

Thank you Michel for recognizing that this is the key issue. I am
currently hoping that our newly acquired monastery in Styria will be able
to become a spiritual and epistemological center for this economy of
qualities. Christopher Alexander has paved the way with his pattern


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Thread: oxenT04596 Message: 22/93 L14 [In index]
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